N Series which includes models N45SF(14 inches), N55SF (15.6 inches) and N75SF (17.3 inches), certainlyhas nothing to do withthe UX21, directly competes with a product suchas Apple MacBook Air.Nevertheless, it shows a fine copy of 3.55 to3.9 cm at the aforementioned versions, while incorporating an opticaldrive.Remarkable point: all these PCs adopt the latest USB standard(3.0) and include a combo DVD and Blu-ray.

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Side of the engine, the Intel Core areof course in the maneuver.Of i3 to i7 CPUs are all the Sandy Bridgegeneration.The graphic part is assigned to an Nvidia GeForceGT555M.Models 15 and 17 inches are equipped with premium technologyNvidia Optimus, which saves the battery by alternating the integratedgraphics processor and 3D card, as required.Add rotating hard drives,depending on the model to 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm as on the desktop, andyou get a series of machines certainly fine, but very solidconfigurations.