AMD delivers its monthly batch ofdrivers with Catalyst 6.11 for laptops but also desktops, offeringparticular function Steady Video. Among the new features provided bythese drivers AMD Catalyst 11.6,Steady Videofunction based on the AMDAPP (Accelerated Parallel Processing), which applies advancedalgorithms in the background to improve the stability of thevideos.It can be controlled by the user and works especially inYoutube.

However, it will be equipped with acomputer with an AMD APU (Zacate E, C or Llano A4/A6/A8 Ontario) anda Radeon HD6000 to enjoy Steady Video.

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AMD also said it allows hardwareacceleration of MPEG-4 part 2 in video playback applications fromMicrosoft for all Radeon HD6000. In addition, the performanceincrease is also the program of Crysis (7%) F1 2010 (8%), Far Cry 2(5%) and HAWX (+8%), and PC have a Radeon HD6000M in tests UnigineOpenGL (10%).