Another variation of the 15.6-inch Asus X53SC landed in France and this time to less than 480 euros in sales under reference flash Asus X53SC-SX104V with a platform Huron River, Sandy Bridge processor Core i3, an Nvidia graphics card DirectX 11, the USB 3.0 and good storage space.

With Sandy Bridge processor i3-Core 2310M and 4 GB of RAM, it provides highly accurate performance in current use and multitasking, while the dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 520M can play tracks not too resource intensive 3D adaptive levels of detail and resolution of the slab under the most demanding titles.

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HD video playback and the screen can also adopt a 16:9 format well suited for this purpose with treatment to bring out the brilliant colors but has the effect of making it prone to glare. The hard drive can store many files and the connection is able to meet a lot of users thanks to the presence of USB 3.0 for file transfers up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Of course, Wi-Fi, HDMI and VGA are also part 2 and USB 2.0.

This notebook also has the distinction of integrating technology Optimus which by default runs on the PC HD Intel GMA 3000, not seeking the Geforce GT 520M as it deems necessary, which is the case in games for example. The goal is to consume as little energy as possible to provide good battery life.