Asus launches in the hexagon a newversatile laptop less than 750 euros in the Intel platform HuronRiver with a processor Sandy Bridge i5, good storage capacity,graphics card Nvidia DirectX 11 associated with the Optimustechnology and USB 3.0 under reference Asus N53SN-SX239V.

It has such a dedicated graphics cardGeforce GT 550M which is able to run many games well, especiallysince the screen resolution is standard. Under the headings of themost resource-intensive 3D, but concessions may be necessary.

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In fact, this GPU is requested that attimes when the technology Optimus believes that the performance ofthe Intel GMA 3000 HD is insufficient to meet at some point the tasksperformed by the user, which is the case if one game is launched, forexample, while both parts are used to read charts without difficultyHD video. If Optimus favors maximum operation on Intel GMA 3000 HD,because it is very energy intensive and thus leads to greaterautonomy. Switching between the Intel GMA 3000 HD and Geforce GT 550Mis done automatically and in real time by Optimus.

Always a performance point of view,most users will be satisfied by those issued by the Core i5-2410MSandy Bridge and 4 GB of RAM, including multitasking. If the harddisk offers substantial storage capacity of 750 GB, no doubt somewill reproach him for not being faster.