The new Asus laptop N73SV-TZ557V is a versatile multimedia orientedin the Intel platform Huron River. 17.3 inch format, it features aFull HD, a Blu-Ray, a Quad Core processor Sandy Bridge, a Nvidiagraphics card with latest generation technology Optimus and USB 3.0.

This is particularly evident by thepresence of an optical drive that can read Blu-Ray, HD media whichcan be enjoyed on the PC that packs a Full HD panel and a 16:9 formatwhich particularly suitable for video playback. Resolution of19201080 also has the advantage of providing a good working spaceand recreation.

It is possible to take advantage ofrapid processing of type of work 3D rendering, photo editing or videoediting with 4 processor cores Sandy Bridge Core i7-2630QM whichcoupled with 4 GB of RAM also delivers solid overall performance tomeet a maximum of potential users.

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The storage space is more than 1280 Gotherefore and maintains many different and varied file on the PC. Itconsists of two hard drives and some regret that they probably arenot more swift to further strengthen the responsiveness of thesystem.

The dedicated graphics card Geforce GT540M for its part is able to run games too resource intensive 3D.Full HD resolution has an impact in this area because in games, plusthe screen resolution is high and the graphics card to performcalculations. As a result, the securities are more resource-intensive3D and it is necessary to make concessions, both in terms of screenresolution as levels of detail.