Asus launches in the hexagon his laptop17.3 inch Asus X73SV-TY340V that has the new processor Sandy Bridgei5-2430M, a nice storage space, a Blu-Ray and technology coupled withan Optimus map Nvidia next-generation, all for less than 730 in theIntel platform eruos Huron River.

It has the distinction of integratingan optical drive that can read Blu-Ray but to take full advantage ofthe media in high definition, it is necessary to go through a full HDexternally via the HDMI output. The slab shows indeed classicfeatures with 16:9 format well suited to playing videos, brillianthandling and definition of 1600 900, so less than the full HD.

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However, this resolution can play agreater number of shares compared to the native HD. The Geforce GT540M is usually able to run a lot of games provided to reduce thelevels of detail, see the resolution of the screen, under the titlesof the most resource intensive 3D.

The laptop runs on the Geforce GT 540Mtechnology only when Optimus believes the performance of the IntelGMA 3000 HD at any time insufficient to accomplish the tasksperformed by the user, if a game is launched, for example, while bothcan easily read the HD video. If Optimus operation focuses on theIntel GMA 3000 HD is because it is less energy and therefore promotesgreater autonomy. The transition from one to another is performedautomatically and in real time by Optimus.