When Packard Bell EasyNote TX86 is areal looker. It is striking that is reminiscent of a keel fin lines,where the leading edge is rounded down and trailing edge bentslightly upwards. catches the eye and the aluminum-magnesium alloy onthe lid and the top and at the start and end bright ice blue contacttouchpad. The lines are the 2.8 inch flat all-round notebook acertain momentum. The keyboard also silver indoor set so the blackand silver color scheme on the entire case.

The blackbordered 15.06 -inch glossy display is reflected back off, especiallyin state-space and user. The Relatively thin BodyWorks stable -. evenabove and below the multi-DVD drive Although the hinges seem verytight, this reaches all-round notebook has an opening angle of up to185 degrees.

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Packard Bell has since its 2008 acquisition ofthe house tuner from Acer. The Acer notebooks are based on knownmobile computers but differentiated by an upgraded look and somebetter software additions. With the TX Easynote Packard Bell has heremade the 15-inch Acer Aspire X.

The heart of the EasyNote TX86 is avery fast Intel Core processor at 2.53 GHz 540M i5- clock. Thefour-gigabyte DDR3 memory helps with the fast service. The dual-coreprocessor has Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading. turbo boost byindividual tasks it performs at a clock rate up to 3:06 gigahertz.When hyper-threading can be two virtual cores simulated So that theprocessor up to four tasks Simultaneously calculate.Thus, allprograms run quickly and without delay or interference. The operatingsystem Windows 7 premium in the 64-bit version starts in eightseconds.