One of the specific platform and processor Cedar Trail Cedarview Netbook is supported by the graphics Intel GMA 3600 HD (DirectX 11) stream 1080p HD, with the possibility of decoding Blu-Ray.

This is one of the new netbooks that fans have been waiting for. For now, the most powerful Atom processor for Netbooks are unable to correctly decode a 1080p HD video, even with the latest dual-core models like the N570, it can play 720p files can put a low flow . On the other hand, support for HD video is better under the Menlow platform, and Oak Trail (which are destined for more and UMPC Tablet) with Intel GMA 500 and Intel GMA 600, but performance processors are against party below the Atom for Netbooks.

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At IDF 2011, Chippy of UMPC Portal has had the opportunity to shoot a machine (Nettop) in Cedar Trail processor with a boarding party Cedarview Intel GMA 3600 HD. We see the reading of a Blu-Ray (2012), which provides H.264 images at a rate of 23 Mb / s and DTS-HD audio to 4.5 Mb / s while under the Cyberlink PowerDVD software.

The result is smooth playback of Blu-Ray with a CPU load limited to 20%, good news, therefore a priori. A priori, as yet to know the exact reference Cedarview embedded processor.It is known as Netbooks and Nettops use different processors. In addition to the side of Cedarview Netbooks, several models have been announced as the N2600 and N2800 Dual Core, the latter being the most high-end, capable of supporting 4 GB DDR3 2 GB DDR3 max against the N2600. This raises the question whether their graphics performance will be similar or not.