The Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 is in Lenovo's words "an all*in-one for everyone," It isn't as svelte as the IdeaCentre A320, nor as iconic as the Apple iMac, but it sports a functional, working design, The IdeaCentre B320 has a photo-frame shape with an adjustable stand that allows the screen to tilt back (only), nothing morePC's plastic stand is sturdy and well-built, no problems whatsoever. The IdeaCentre B320's back panel has a fake wooden finish, lending it a touch of elegance.

The B320 is predominantly black in colour with a 20-inch non-glossy screen - surprising for an all-in-one. The bezel is glossy with a piano black finish, and a prominent grilled extension below the bezel houses the PC's on-board speakers. The speakers are loud and boomy, and clearer at full volume compared to the iMac and A320.

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Like the Idea*Centre A320, the Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 comes equipped with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge plat*form and adequate hardware to make it one of the fastest machines in this test. It can multi task day-to-day home apps with ease, but don't have high hopes of gaming on this PC as there's only on-board Intel graphics to make do with. The B320 comes with a great set of proprietary soft*ware and at its price offers a well performing, space saving all-in-one desktop PC for any home user. Definitely worth. considering.