Asus released a new version of its13.3-inch ultraportable U36SD in Intel platform Huron River, the AsusU36SD-RX149V. Less than 750 euros, it tembarque Sandy Bridgeprocessor i5, an Nvidia graphics card with latest generationtechnology Optimus, USB 3.0 and good storage space. In addition, itis fine and has a weight content well below 2.0 kg and a beautifulautonomy announced 10 hours.

Well content with her weight below 2.0kg, fine thick and beautiful autonomy announced 10 hours, the modelshould make the eye to the nomads.

And even more interesting that despitethese benefits, its performance is not cheap. It has indeed an Intelplatform Huron River with Sandy Bridge processor i5-2410M and 4 GB ofRAM, enough to satisfy many potential users in terms of power, evenmultitasking. Scalability is also ensured by the presence of a RAMslot free, rising to 8 GB DDR3 example if the need arises.

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And although it is an ultraportable, itembeds a dedicated graphics card, the Geforce GT 520M which allows toplay titles occasionally somewhat resource intensive 3D but also toread without regard to the videos, what is can the Intel GMA 3000 HDintegrated processor Sandy Bridge. The PC runs by default it islow-energy and promotes better battery life. Optimus technology isresponsible for assessing the need for real-time graphical andswitches as needed on the Geforce GT 520M to deliver more power,passing as soon as possible on the Intel GMA 3000 HD to preserveautonomy.

The connection is no exceptionespecially as it offers USB 3.0 can transfer up to 10 times fasterthan USB 2.0 files with USB 3.0. He is accompanied by two USB 2.0,VGA and HDMI video outputs and a module Wi-Fi, just what most users.