Asus declines its notebook series with the 17.3 inch gamingG74SX-TY207V. It runs on Intel platform Huron River with aperformance Nvidia graphics card, a QuadCore Sandy Bridge, a niceamount of RAM, hard disk capacity of good swift as well as USB 3.0and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS.

A good because the players are just themain target of this model and that's why Asus has built one of themost powerful mobile GPU of the moment, the Geforce GTX 560M. Withit, users can indulge in their favorite games satisfactorilyincluding the most recent and resource-intensive 3D and that without(too much) sacrifice the levels of detail.

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While some regret that the slab doesnot brilliant 16:9 1080p, the standard definition of 1600 900 isan advantage in games because it can play in native resolution to alarger number of opus.

To fully support the GeForce GTX 560Mand the hard drive at 7200 r / min, this notebook has a nice amountof RAM to 8GB and a Core i7-2670QM, enough to enjoy solid performancein all situations or almost even in games, what to see next. Alsocompared to 4 GB DDR3 and a Dual Core, this duo offers accelerated inareas resource-intensive RAM and CPU as 3D rendering, photo editingor video editing, work on which the four cores Sandy Bridge processoris particularly useful.

Connectivity is also very accurate asit includes the HDMI and VGA video outputs, modules, wireless Wi-Fi nand Bluetooth and 4 USB ports including a USB 3.0: if we connect aUSB 3.0 device, the rates are then up to 10 times greater than USB2.0.