To meet the high performance demands ofgamers meet, all notebooks are the MSI Gaming Series GT780-serieswith an Intel Core i7 2630QM -equipped processors. The high-endcentral processing unit from the "Sandy Bridge" generationhas four cores processing, thanks to HyperThreading work off up toeight jobs and has a base clock of two nearly Particularly GHz. Theturbo boost mode, the CPU speed up to 2.9 GHz in order to safelycircumnavigate performance bottlenecks. When the processor memorydepending on model six, twelve or 16 GB of RAM to the side. Twostorage media are in the housing space. Be an optionally installedhard drives with a capacity of 320 each or 750 GB or a combination of750-GB drive and 128 GB Solid State Drive . So comes as an opticaldrive, multi-format DVD burner With Blu-ray drive for use.
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Perfect for displaying high-definitionfilms, the maximum displayable Full HD resolution of 1,920 x
1,080 pixels. The screen has a mattesurface, providing optimum safety even with exposure to lightconditions without unwanted reflections. For the placement of onepixel is Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M graphics card with 1024 MB of videomemory earmarked responsible. The braces older games at high detaillevels, and thus brings current games smoothly on the screen, ifnecessary, with slightly reduced levels of detail. An integratedvideo decoder Ensures that the CPU load when decoding of footage.Stationary signal can be used to customize the screen in eitheranalogue or digital form on an external monitor port on via HDMI porton a flat-screen TVs.