The Ultra-Books in the classical senseis not Samsung's "Series 9". But the target group is thesame. Provide users with high demands on design and performanceobtained with the series-9 beautifully designed notebooks, mobilecomputers - bringing more power than ultra Books - depending on theequipment.

In contrast to the extremely thinMacBook Air competitors operate in the models, the 9-series core i5or core i7 processors. A separate graphics card brings out the lastof the super-bright LED display plus. The display measures 13.3inches , the resolution is 1366x768 pixels. As a storage medium witha 128 gigabyte SSD is installed. Four gigabytes of memory are builtup to a maximum of eight gigabytes can be upgraded to the notebook.
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The delicate-looking notebook consistsof a rugged aluminum alloy (duralumin).The texture of the surfacesshows positively resistant to fingerprints. Due to its compactdesign, only room for a MicroSD card reader. Otherwise, the "Series9" sockets for HDMI, Ethernet, headphone / microphone, USB 2.0and 3.0. A built-in microphone and a 1.3-megapixel webcam allowsvideo chats clean. The backlit keypad makes you work even in dimlighting conditions.

Depending on configuration and useextends the battery life of six to eight hours. In order not tooverstretch oneself Ladies and gentlemen, Samsung pushes the weightof the design notebooks to 1,310g. These are even a few grams lessthan Apple's Airbook tips the scales.