Asus netbook plugged in an Intel "AtomD525" processor at 1.8 gigahertz, which is more powerful thanthe usual "Atom" processors, since it consists of two cores(Dual Core). Sensible of their particularly when multitasking - iewhen running multiple applications at the same time. The two-gigabytememory module is easily through another four gigabytes of expandable,an additional slot is available. The hard drive providesapproximately 233 gigabytes of usable memory.

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The 1215N has two GPUs on board switches between which the netbookautomatically depending on power needs. If you work with officesoftware and surf the Internet, it is sufficient to Intel graphicschip, which sits in the main processor. If a game or a movie in 1080phigh definition on the program automatically does the Nvidia graphicsprocessor ION2 (N11M-PT2) are used. When the movie is playing, hedoes his job really well: HD movie files in AVI format will play theWindows Media Player without any lag, for MKV files you need specialplayback software that uses the graphics card for the calculation,that of the dual-core Atom processor is not enough. Good servicesrendered in the free practice test software Media Player Classic -Home Cinema and the paid player software PowerDVD 10 Ultra fromCyberlink.