Asus launches in France's N75SF-TZ110V, a portable 17.3-inchmultimedia-oriented Blu-Ray, Sandy Bridge Quad Core processor, harddrive capacity and swift of beautiful Full HD panel. Huron River inIntel platform, it also has a good amount of RAM, USB 3.0 and anNvidia DirectX 11 technology coupled with Optimus.

Instead ofoperating at 5400 rev / min as most hard drives found in notebookPCs, embedded in the computer models offer a speed of 7200 rev / minwhich provides greater responsiveness. In addition, their totalstorage capacity of 1500 GB important to install many software andkeep a lot of files and varied.

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The graphic partconsists of the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated processor and dedicatedcard Geforce GT 555m. With Optimus technology, the laptop runs bydefault on the first consumes little energy and promotes greaterautonomy. Graphic needs are assessed in real time by applying Optimusrequired the dedicated GPU based on tasks performed by the user. Ifthe HD video playback does not cause any concern to either partygraphics is the Geforce GT 555m which is put to use if a game islaunched, for example, Optimus switch back automatically to the IntelGMA HD 3000 as soon as possible.

Yet here we find a full HD whosedefinition is much higher than the 1366 768. If it does not playin native resolution demanding games, it has the advantage ofproviding a beautiful space to work and play, especially for HD videoplayback particularly as the screen takes a 16:9 format particularlywell suited for this purpose as well as treatment that brightens thecolors bright. What benefit directly from Blu-Ray on the PC, highdefinition media that can be read using integrated optical unit.