The 13.3-inch Asus Ultrabook ZenbookUX31E comes in a version less than 1200 euros on Intel platform HuronRiver, the Asus Zenbook UX31E-RY010V. The program for this model,weighing less than 1.5 kg, a higher resolution than the average, anSSD of 256 GB SATA 3.0, a Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor low-power orthe USB 3.0, all in one chassis end elegant.

Like the other Ultrabooks market, theAsus Zenbook UX31E-RY010V is very thin and light enough with a weightbelow 1.5 Kg content while providing a self-announced for properpractice of surfing the Internet lives on Wi-Fi for 6 hours which maysuit many users.

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It also has the characteristic tointegrate an SSD with good capacity of 256 GB for this type ofstorage. Certainly it is less than the standard mechanical harddrives, but not bad enough to install software while being able tokeep records. In addition, an SSD is less sensitive to shock,consumes less power, is quieter and faster. The user has to do with amachine more responsive than a hard drive model, especially duringstart-up and shut down the PC but also to launch applications.

No dedicated graphics program which isnot surprising, but the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into SandyBridge processor, something to read without regard to HD video andeven play occasionally titles undemanding 3D resources. To do this,it is particular to reduce the screen resolution, better thanaverage.

The screen is indeed adopting adefinition of 1600 900, 1366 higher than the 768 found instandard models from 11 to 16 inches. As a result, the display spaceis more important and comfortable, especially in office and surfingthe Internet. Its 16:9 format and its treatment, however brilliantclassical and no doubt some regret that the slab is not mate becauseit would have been less prone to glare and easier to read in brightenvironments.