Asus launches new Ultrabook of 11.6 inches on the market, the AsusZenBook UX21E-KX001V. It includes an SSD, a low-power processor SandyBridge Core i5and USB 3.0 in a chassis end, light and elegant. Thistechnology takes advantage Ultrabook Charger +, II and Super HybridEngine Instant On. The first can charge a small device via USB whilethe PC is off or in standby, while the second adjusts the settings tosave energy. Start and a fast wake are possible through the third.
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Note also that automatic data backup isperformed when the battery capacity falls below the 5% threshold, theuser being able to know the remaining life based on its use by theutility PowerWiz.
Belonging to the range of Ultrabooks,the Asus ZenBook UX21E-KX001V is very thin but also lightweightweighing less than many Netbooks, however, who wear a smaller size.Announced its autonomy of 5 hours is the minimum required by Intel tobe part of Ultrabooks. This can work several hours away from a walloutlet, but not all day battery that will not fail to regret some.

Other complaints may relate to its 16:9screen, which certainly takes a definition similar to numbers 15 and16 inch models but also treatment prone to glare in bright lightenvironment which implies a lower readability with a matt stone mostsuitable for an ultraportable machine that is meant to be portable.

Too bad also that the connection is notprovided with more standard format video outputs and an Ethernetport. There are all the same modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n andthe number of USB is limited to two, one of them has the advantage ofbeing at USB 3.0 speeds which results in more important than USB 2.0with USB 3.0.