Toshiba Satellite R840 released his-16E, a versatile 14-inch laptopthat has the characteristic to integrate an anti-reflective screenwith a resolution higher than average. It runs on Intel platformHuron River with USB 3.0, a good amount of RAM, a Core i5 SandyBridge processor and a dedicated graphics card AMD all for less than2.0 Kg

Toshiba Satellite R840-16E has a majorasset, its screen that offers a beautiful display area of 1600 900instead of the traditional 1366 768 which is more pleasant officeand surfing the Internet for example. And that's not all. For if the16:9 format is standard, it is not true of his treatment while Mattis less tiring for the eyes and easier to read in a glossy lightenvironment because less prone to glare.

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Its connectivity is also significantwith wireless modules Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS as well as VGA,HDMI, and the three USB ports with 1 combo e-SATA capable of charginga small device even if the laptop is in standby or off, which alsoserves as port of USB 3.0 standard that offers speeds up to 10 timeshigher than USB 2.0 with USB 3.0.

Good overall performance are alsodelivered by this device with the Sandy Bridge CPU Core i5-2430M andthe right amount of RAM 6 GB, torque to suit most users in this area.The hard drive is rather more conventional with its storage capacityof 640GB and its speed of 5400 rev / min.

The dedicated graphics card is RadeonHD6450M entry-level model that lets you play worry-free HD video, butalso to run some games resource intensive 3D with a reduction in thedefinition of the screen.