Asus K73SV-TY299V is a new versatile laptop with 17.3-inch platformthat runs on Intel Huron River with a Core i5 Sandy Bridge, a goodstorage space and an Nvidia graphics card with DirectX 11 technologyOptimus.

He took advantage of the technologythat operates Optimus Nvidia dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 540Mbut the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridge processor. Itis on this laptop that runs by default because it is not very energyintensive and leads to greater autonomy, a chip that can play HDvideos without worry.

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The same is true of the Geforce GT540M, which is however more powerful. Optimus therefore use it ifneed superior graphics performance arises, in games such as it isdoing correctly as long as one makes concessions in theresource-intensive 3D titles. Switching between one and the otherparty graphics is performed automatically and in real time by Optimusas the tasks performed by the user.

Besides graphics performance verycorrect with the Geforce GT 540M, this notebook offers goodperformance in everyday multitasking with its Intel Sandy Bridge Corei5-2430M and 4 GB of RAM. Subsequently, one can also go to 8 GB DDR3adding a RAM module on the slot available in order to evolve areduced cost.

The storage capacity of 750 GB harddrive offered by keeps a lot of software and files directly to thePC. Not surprisingly, the screen adopts the definition of standardfeatures with 1600 900, 16:9 format glossy and treatment.