Asus launches in the hexagon a new laptop 17.3 inches in the HuronRiver Intel platform equipped with a Full HD panel, two hard driveswith swift solid storage capacity, a nice amount of RAM, a SandyBridge Core i7 processor, a graphics card with Nvidia Optimustechnology and USB 3.0.

This laptop does not lack ofresponsiveness to the base with its Core i7-2670QM Sandy Bridge and 8GB of RAM, a duo that delivers a power capable of meeting theoverwhelming majority of users as well as number of of them havethere more performance than they actually need. In addition, thiscouple is particularly well suited to accelerate treatment inresource-intensive fields CPU and RAM as 3D rendering, video editingor photo editing.

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Something to appeal to multimediaenthusiasts more so as the screen takes a perfect Full HD in thisarea and more generally to enjoy a spacious work and leisure. Full HDis well suited to playing HD videos like the 16:9 format glossy andtreatment of the screen that enhances colors. However, the opticaldrive on board is not able to read Blu-Ray regret that probably someothers lament not finding a mate slab like the N55SV of 15.6 inches.

HD video playback poses in any case noproblem, either with the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integratedprocessor or with the dedicated card Geforce GT 540M. Optimustechnology is seeking one or the other depending on the tasksperformed by the user in order to offer the best possibleindependence. That is why the PC is running by default on the IntelGMA 3000 HD is low-energy, the GeForce GT 540M being put to use onlyif higher graphics performance is needed.

This is the case if a game is launched,for example. In this area, if one reduces the definition of thescreen and / or levels of detail, it is possible to engage in a lotof titles in a satisfactory manner. Concessions are necessary becausein games, plus the definition, the higher the GPU must performcalculations. So for the same configuration, the number of fps in agiven game decreases as resolution increases.