Asus released their ultra-P31SD RO215X,a 13.3-inch model-oriented professional who appears in platform IntelHuron River. It features a matte tile, a Core i3 Sandy Bridge, a goodswift hard drive capacity, combined with Nvidia Optimus technology,all in one frame less than 2.0 kg, it also offers a beautifulself-announced 10:00.

It has a relatively homogeneousconfiguration-oriented Professionals with its rugged design, itssleek design and Windows 7 Professional, which in addition tofeatures found in the Home Premium edition offers XP mode to installand use software / drivers only compatible with Windows XP and toolsdriven security and network management.

This ultraportable also benefits of atreatment mat at the screen that appears less prone to glare thanglossy, especially in light environment, and therefore more readablewhile being less tiring for the eyes. However, are more traditionaldefinition of 1366 768 and 16:9 format that lends itself more tothe video playback to professional use.

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It is also possible to play HD videoswithout worry with this laptop either with the dedicated graphicscard Geforce GT 520M or the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integratedprocessor. The laptop works by default it consumes less energy whichprovides a beautiful autonomy announced 10 hours. However, Optimusevaluate real-time graphics needs and if necessary seek the GeforceGT 520M to switch back automatically to the Intel GMA 3000 HD as soonas possible.

The GeForce GT 520M is a bit morepowerful than the integrated graphics in Sandy Bridge. As this is anentry level GPU, its capabilities are limited and must therefore besatisfied with little resource intensive titles in 3D gaming forexample.

Always a performance standpoint butoverall this time, this P31SD-RO215X delivers highly accurateperformance with its Intel Core i3-2330M Sandy Bridge, 4GB of RAM butthe hard drive. It offers good storage capacity of 500 GB and has thedistinction of being a model at 7200 r / min which provides greaterresponsiveness to the quotient a unit at 5400 r / min, the standardtime current.