The ultraportable 13.3-inch Asus U31SDlanded in the hexagon in a version below 2.0 Kg platform and IntelHuron River. The Asus-U31SD RX264V includes a Core i3 Sandy Bridge, agood storage space, a graphics card with Nvidia Optimus Technologyand a beautiful autonomy announced 10 hours.

This autonomy, it must include theOptimus technology onboard that emphasizes maximum operation of thegraphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridge whichconsumes little energy. Optimus uses only the dedicated card GeforceGT 520M graphics performance when a need is felt above, thetransition from one to another is performed automatically and in realtime by Optimus.

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Both allow smooth playback of HD video,but the GeForce GT 520M is a bit more efficient. It is for exampleput to use by Optimus if a game is launched, an area where it is ableto handle the securities little resource intensive 3D.

Perform very accurate in everydaymultitasking too pushed are also issued by this ultraportable with 4GB of RAM and Core i3-2330M Sandy Bridge. The hard drive on the otherhand offers good storage space of 640 GB and connectivity is standardwith Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, audio ports, Ethernet and 3 USB 2.0. If it'sokay for a machine of this type, we regret that Asus still has notintegrated the USB 3.0 or an ExpressCard slot with this model.

As for the screen, it's classicdefinition of 1366 768, the 16:9 format glossy and its treatment.On this last point that will focus the complaints because the causesbright reflections, especially in light environment, which makesreading difficult what is displayed.