MSI released a new special edition SteelSeries, the MSI GT780DXR-444.High-end laptop that can appeal to both players and fans ofmultimedia and solid overall performance runs on Intel platform HuronRiver with a Nvidia DirectX 11 performance, a Sandy Bridge Core i7processor, a large amount of RAM, fast hard drives of two greatcapacity RAID 0, a Dynaudio audio solution, a dull slab Full HD,Blu-Ray, USB 3.0 and a backlit keyboard. It is also comes with abeautiful signed SteelSeries accessory pack.

The MSI-444 GT780DXR SteelSeries is alaptop configuration that can attract muscular those looking for asolid general services but also multimedia enthusiasts and gamers,the main target of this model.

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A special feature of this PC is tointegrate a large amount of RAM 12 GB, leaving one slot free RAM tofurther increase the RAM and see. It is associated with a powerfulprocessor, the Core i7-2670QM Sandy Bridge to deliver a higher powerthat users need and allow for prompt treatment, particularly in areasof intensive resources like RAM and CPU rendering 3D video editing orphoto editing.

The duo is supported by two swift harddrives offering total storage capacity of 1500 GB Especiallyimportant, they are configured in RAID 0 and operate at 7200 r / minagainst 5400 r / min to further strengthen the overall systemresponsiveness.

So a good while responsiveness isessential for players, far from being neglected with this machine dueto the presence of a powerful mobile GPU, the Geforce GTX 570M. Thededicated graphics card can engage adequately the latest headlines ofthe moment even the most resource intensive 3D, with somemodifications in them.