The Samsung S04-NP300E5A is a newversatile laptop to 15.6 inches. It runs on Intel Huron River with aCore i3 Sandy Bridge, a Nvidia graphics card with DirectX 11technology Optimus, good storage space, the HDMI and a matte screen,all with a self-announced six hours.

The maximum range was obtained during atest under BatteryMark 4.0.1 with Samsung Battery mode optimizedminimum brightness and Wi-Fi disabled. Talk time is given for videoplayback DivX movies stored on the hard drive, Samsung Battery Normalmode, screen brightness level 3 and Wi-Fi disabled.

In this area as well as multitaskingtoo pushed, he is doing well thanks to its Intel Core i3-2330M SandyBridge and 4 GB of RAM that can later go to 8 GB DDR3 adding a barthe free RAM slot to make it evolve at low cost. It also offers good
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storage space of 640 GB as its connectivity is more classic withHDMI, VGA, audio ports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi n and 3 USB 2.0 but no USB3.0.

This is not the case however because ofthe screen if the 16:9 format and definition of 1366 768 arestandard, it has a matte treatment while the majority of PC is seendecked out with a glossy . So, it is more readable in brightenvironment that glossy screen because less prone to glare, the matis also less tiring for the eyes.

Announced its autonomy is alsosignificant, possible due to the presence of Nvidia Optimustechnology that switches automatically and in real time between theIntel GMA 3000 HD integrated processor and dedicated card Geforce GT520MX as appropriate, emphasizing the first is less energy andpromotes better self. Both allow a correct reading of HD video, butthe Geforce GT 520MX is a little more efficient and will be put touse in games, an area where she manages to turn the securitiesresource-efficient 3D.