Samsung launches in the hexagon a new versatile laptop AMD SabinePlatform with a Quad Core Llano APU A6, a good amount of RAM and diskspace, some graphics and AMD Dual Graphics slab mate , all in a15.6-inch format. This is the Samsung NP305V5A-T01.

This notebook has a nice storage spaceof 750GB and a more traditional connection with the bulk still withHDMI, VGA, Wi-Fi or n 3 USB 2.0 but no USB 3.0 or e SATA-that aresure to regret some.
However reserves its slab a pleasantsurprise. If it takes a 16:9 format and definition of 1366 768standards, treatment is not brilliant contrast to the majority oflaptops on the market but non-reflective to be more readable,especially in light environment.

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This is an APU (Accelerated ProcessingUnit) Quad Core Llano A8-3510MX fitted to this laptop, a chipintegrating a processor and some graphics. The party processor has 4cores that allow it to offer faster treatment a Dual Core CPU in someareas such as 3D rendering, photo editing or video editing, which isparticularly significant that good amount of RAM 6 GB is presentbecause this type of work is resource intensive RAM.

The Llano A8-3510MX and 6 GB DDR3 alsoprovide good performance in multitasking and everyday use while theRadeon HD6690G2 is responsible for the graphics. Under this unusualname lies in fact two parts Graphics: Radeon HD6620G integrated APUand the dedicated card Radeon HD6630M.