Samsung NP300E7A-S04 is positioned as a versatile laptop with17.3-inch platform that runs on Intel Huron River with Sandy Bridgeprocessor Pentium DualCore, good storage space, the HDMI, a slab mateand a dedicated graphics card Nvidia DirectX 11 technology combinedwith Optimus.

It runs on the laptop or dedicated cardGeforce GT 520MX, on either the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated intoSandy Bridge. Optimus focuses maximum it consumes less energy andleads to greater autonomy. This technology evaluates in real timegraphics needs and if necessary switch on the dedicated GPU to applyagain the Intel GMA 3000 HD as soon as possible.

Both allow smooth playback of HD video,but the Geforce GT 520MX is a bit more efficient. Slightly morepowerful than the GeForce GT 520M, it remains a model of entry. As aresult, games can pass only securities resource-efficient 3D, withadaptations levels of detail and / or resolution of the slab.

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The screen takes just a 16:9 format anda definition of 1600 900 but enjoys classical treatment when themat is brilliant setting the vast majority of laptops on the market.The mat has the advantage of being less sensitive to glare andtherefore more readable than a glossy, especially in lightenvironment, but also to be less tiring for the eyes.

Also present are a good storage spaceof 500 GB and a relatively conventional connectors with HDMI, 3 USB2.0, VGA and Wireless n but no USB 3.0 which may disappoint some butit is difficult to blame this price level.

Finally, the processor Pentium DualCore Sandy Bridge B940 and 4 GB of RAM delivers performance verycorrect in general use (web surfing, office, etc..) As well asmultitasking too pushed. One RAM slot is also available if you wantto eventually move to 8 GB DDR3 for example to make it evolve throughthe purchase of a memory card.