Asus releases a business laptop 14 inches to less than 700 euros, theAsus B43E-VO037X.Robust, this model includes a tile mate, a goodswift hard drive capacity, a Core i5 Sandy Bridge and connectivityincluding ExpressCard, USB 3.0 and e-SATA, all under the Intelplatform Huron River. Compared with a glossy screen, it has theadvantage of being less sensitive to reflections and therefore morereadable in bright environments while being less tiring for the eyes.Its 16:9 format and definition of 1366 768, however, are classics.

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This is not the case of the connectorboard, provided enough. These modules include wireless Wi-Fi n andBluetooth, HDMI and VGA video outputs and an ExpressCard slot andthree USB combo with 1 e-SATA and a USB 3.0 to take advantage ofrates up to 10 times important than USB 2.0 with USB 3.0. A connectorfor docking station is also the game. This model also benefits from afingerprint reader for easy access and secure system that offersWindows 7 Professional XP mode to install and use applications /drivers only compatible with Windows XP and tools driven networkmanagement and security features absent from the Home Premium.

The storage space is assigned to a harddrive with a capacity of 500 GB Its operating speed is differentdepending on the source but it seems that it is a model 7200 r / min,that It is hoped for then the PC would benefit from a higherreactivity to a model at 5400 rev / min. Good overall performance areissued by the Asus B43E with Sandy Bridge CPU Core i5-2430M and 4 GBof RAM that can later go to 8 GB DDR3 for example by adding a RAMmodule on the slot available to make it evolve. No dedicated GPU inthe program, however, but the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into SandyBridge can still play HD video smoothly, and even play games littleresource intensive 3D.