Portable multi-media oriented with itsQuad Core Sandy Bridge and Blu-ray player, the Samsung RC730-S05 is a17.3 inch laptop. It runs on Intel platform Huron River with a goodamount of RAM, a good storage space and an Nvidia DirectX 11technology coupled with Optimus.

This is particularly evident by thepresence of a Core i7-2670QM Sandy Bridge. With 4 cores, it allowsfaster treatment a Dual Core CPU in certain areas such asCPU-intensive image editing, 3D rendering or video editing, areaswhere the right amount of RAM 6 GB of onboard be well exploited. Theduo also delivers solid overall performance to meet a maximum ofusers including multitasking.
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It also includes an optical drive thatcan handle Blu-Ray. But the fact is that to enjoy this type of mediain high definition, it should go through an external display Full HDvia HDMI. The screen of this laptop is indeed adopting standardfeatures with a treatment that brings out the brilliant colors butappears prone to glare and a 16:9 format well suited to videoplayback, but a definition of 1600 900 lower in Full HD.

Those looking for a great display spacewill therefore be disappointed. Note that despite all of 1600 900has an advantage over the HD playing games such as the higher theresolution, the higher the number of fps drop for a given game. Theconcessions to be less important in the resource-intensive 3D gameswith Geforce GT 540M, which can run quite a few titles if we acceptto reduce the levels of detail and / or screen resolution.

Nvidia Optimus technology is present,the GeForce GT 540M is requested only when necessary. The laptopworks because the maximum of the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD processorSandy Bridge as it is more energy efficient and leads to greaterautonomy. Optimus evaluate real-time graphics needs for the tasksperformed by the user and automatically switch between the Intel GMAHD 3000 and Geforce GT 540M.