The manufacturer could however shock us with one tevelsion thanks to the Intel Wireless screen Technology support, providing there is a corresponding receiver (starts at about 50).

Despite a limit restrictions and teething problems of this technology, WiDi is an interesting chartertics which hardly another notebook has in this rate.

The slightly less chiclet keyboard is adjusted correctly into the aluminum case of the U300s. The about. 15 millimeter large letter buttons are beveled at the down side and have a smooth as good as still surface.

The used plastic has a level quality feel and the stability may be convinces. The keyboard can number with its pleasantly standard compliant design, with exception of the FI-FXII button that can only through enabled via FN.

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Regrettably, the typing experince remains to be a bit contradictory even after longer familiarization. The range button gaps and the lack of a concavity on the letter keys decrease the correct and also the typing speed in comparison to a classic keyboard. The U300s hardly differs from its contenders in this point.

The button drop is pretty small, but has a precise and firm pressure point. The keyboard's quiet typing voice does not get disturbing even in quieter surroundings. Handy Lenovo has given the arrow buttons a little mark so that they are also palpable without looking. However, an adds keyboard light would have been even better, as it is installed for example in the current Mac Book Air.

The U300s has a very generously sized touch pad for the 13.3 choice. Its surface filled of 10.5 x 7 centimeters is very same to that of the The fingers glide with agreeable simple around the surface and can control the mouse cursor precisely. However, we observed a slightly late implementation of movement adversely.

Many touch gestures, such as zooming on a website, are supported and worked flawlessly in the experinced. We got the scroll process, which is enabled by swiping 2 fingers in the desired arrow, very practical. The otherwise usual search for a special scroll filled at the touch pad's right edge is no longer necessary.