The Samsung 300VIIIA is many of a bare in conditions of its materials and construction. A less highlight are the brushed aluminum surfaces on the content, and those used as the grid for the keyboard. The palm resting filled consists of a smooth unvarnished plastic, which is also used above the keyboard, and for the screen frame.

The plastic palm resting filled is pleasantly for the hands. Fingerprints can be finished avoided, but their appearance remains within limits. The palm resting filled is also very firm, and cannot be dented anywhere.

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The stability of the relatively thick content is also suitable for cell use. We weren't able to dent its surface. The this with couple hands is acceptable, since the edges can be bent a little bit. The hinges handle the TFT firmly in place, but also let the display

The reason The are joined to the chassis. The maximum opening angle of 130 degrees if enough for ultished on the lap. What is pleasing is the rigidity of the hinges, which do not allow the screen to starts when it is upside down, all by this also means that two hands are needed to starts it.