The Samsung N110 is a 10-inch net bookextending an Intel Atom N270 processor as well as long-lasting 6-cellbattery with titles of up to 8.5 hours of battery life. The glossyblack lid, red trim, and small profile plan works for students orbusiness professionals, something that can't be said related to allcomputers. In this review we attempt to duplicate Samsung'sintellectual value is 8.5 hour battery claim, and watch how prettyit does compared to other net books.

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Our Samsung N110 has an attractive planwith a slick black cover, red accent pare, and matter finishinterior. The appearance are classy, appearing perfect for businessconsumers or also a parent using it inside of a coffee shop. Samsungdoesn't cross over board on the brand logo, on a simple chrome raisedletter "Samsung" on the front cover and a white paintedlogo underneath the display. Within I conceive Samsung could havegone on glossy black paint, as it appears great on the outside cover.

You might have to deal withfingerprints and smudges, but it would have appeared unbelievable.Exterior we see that Samsung became on a flush mount lengthy batterythat sticks down somewhat in the rear, rather than sticking out therear. It doesn't stick down as far as the lengthy battery with the HP2140, which is exactly all right by me. One concerning and usefulthink Samsung thought of while they planned the location

Build standard is above average, with avery strong and durable body. When closed the screen cover does havesome minor bend, but it doesn't seem to affect the display. Withinthe palmrest and keyboard are super rigid, on barely any shifted whenpressed on firmly. The display flexible joint experience prettystrong, holding the net book display secure in travel, and holding itin position when open. The body has very some squeaks and creaks whentossed around, looking as it should keep up well over time. Thepainted top looks to protest most light scratches and scuffs, whichshould keep it seeming great good into the future.