MSI has presented its novel generationX460 and X460DX notebook computers on non-mandatory Intel Core i7quad core processor and the most recent data transfer technologies,having Intel Wireless screen , Blue-tooth 3.0, and USB 3.0. The X460tips the scales at only 1.98 kg and is less as compared to one-inchthin. Both laptops mark the starting of a novel era in light,powerful laptops.

Taipei ó MSI has rolled out the X460 andX460DX, the most novel extra to its X-Slim Series of notebookcomputers. The 14-inch X460, for example, is less as compared to 1Ēthick and tips the scales like only 1.98 kg ó presently thelightest Intel Core i7 quad core processor covering laptop out there.Even worthy of note, a second internal hard drive is non-mandatoryon the X460 and X460DX to greatly enlarge storage capacity and if yougo on the optional SSD hard drive, youíll kick up systemperformance. This pair of laptops packs plenty of punch.

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Intel 2nd generation Core i CPU: Whatproduces the X460 and X460DX laptop computers stand out from thecrowd is the fact that the X460 can pack Intelís second generationCore i7-2630QM or Core i5-2410M processors and Intel HD Graphics 3000screen chip, though the X460DX comes up with Intel Core i5-2410Mprocessor and nVidia GeForce GT540M discrete graphics card. It even backs up the most recent DirectX 11 for powerful graphicsperformance.

Dual graphics card switching: The X460DX alsosupports MSI GPU Boost technology, thus when itís processing highload programs, the system automatically switches above to distinctgraphics card way to supply powerful graphics processing, but whenperforming general word processing tasks or surfing the Internet, itautomatically cuts to the power-sipping integrated graphics chip way,striking the ideal balance between performance and battery life. TheX460DX comes up with agraphics card switch indicatorlight next to the power button to hold you better informed aboutwhatís happening below the hood.

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Expanded battery life: TheX460 and X460DX come up with long life batteries as well as a TurboBattery hot key to shut off idle devices, affording them up to eighthours of power. Real battery time will change with differences incomputer apply and settings.

Intel Wireless Screen: The X460 comesup with Intelís Wireless Display to transmit 1080p HD plans to big display full HDTVs, thus you can love high result films and 5.1channel wrap around sound without the hassle of wires.