Asus offers a new versatile laptop with15.6-inch high-performance Core i7 processor Sandy Bridge, a goodamount of RAM, an Nvidia next generation, a beautiful space andstorage USB 3.0. This is the Asus X53SD-SX192V that appears on Intelplatform Huron River.

This notebook is equipped with varioustechnologies such as Power4Gear that automatically adjusts fan speedto minimize noise, Palm Proof which prevents the touchpad fromactivating if it touches the palm and IceCool that keeps thetemperatures of the wrist to an acceptable level.

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Indeed, it is equipped with a goodamount of RAM 6 GB above average associated with a processor SandyBridge Core i7-2670QM. In other words, most users will find theremore power than it needs practice to see what can come.

This duo is also well suited fordemanding work in RAM and CPU resources such as video editing, photoediting or 3D rendering, areas where it manages to offer treatmentsmuch faster and with 4 GB DDR3 a Dual Core processor, thanks to fourprocessor cores.

In comparison, the graphics are clearlybehind. Entry-level model, the GeForce 610M dedicated card stillallows to play games little resource intensive 3D and play HD videosmoothly. Not surprisingly, not full HD program but a slab whosecharacteristics are classic with its definition of 1366 768, itsbrilliant treatment that brings out the colors but is sensitive toglare and 16:9 format well suited to video playback.

As for connectivity, it should satisfymost users with a wireless module for n Wi-Fi to connect remotely,its Ethernet and audio ports, including its 3 USB 1 to USB 3.0 fortransfers up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 with USB 3.0 and VGAvideo outputs and its handy HDMI to connect the laptop to a TV,monitor or video projector for example.