The laptop has a black metallic end with chrome accents. On the display extends you will search the Fujitsu logo and a little logo is situated on the top edge of the notebook. The construct quality of the notebook is average as equated to the recent era of client and business notebook. We got that the chief panel and the display cover does flex to few extent under pressure but there is nothing to worry so much about it. The paint quality of the notebook is rather excellent and only wish most of the Fujitsu notebooks in the market, LifeBook AH550 extends removable air filter at the bottom. At 14.65 x 10.25 x 1.49-2.00 inches, the notebook is rather ease to grip. But it is a bit bulky weighing around 6.40 lbs. So you can face few

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trouble in carrying the device from one place to another. Users can simply acquire access to the memory and the hard drive by a couple of panels at the bottom of the notebook.

The keyboard device of LifeBook AH550 is rather comfortable and is simple to type on. The keyboard support is rather excellent and even under serious pressure the keys functioned rather well. The keys are big and they give a smooth travel. The major USP of the keyboard is that it is spill-resistant and arrives with a separate number pad. Users will acquire accustomed to the layout of the keyboard so soon. But the deficiency of dedicated multimedia keys disappointed us to few extent.

The touchpad of LifeBook AH550 is mid-sized which has few multi-touch potentialities. The sensitivity of the touch pad is rather excellent and it extended smooth navigation. The touchpad affirms gestures such as pan scrolling, pinch zoom and pivot rotation. However, sometimes the touch pad looked to remain stuck at one place. The mouse keys beneath the touch pad functioned fairly well and extended well sound when clicked.