Manufacturers of mobile phones, smartphones and communicators have taught us to what is new is almost always very different from the old one.The new device has to be some very serious differences. It is best to make them visible from afar. New design, new features, new services, accessories, new everything. When we are waiting for the announcement of a company, we are waiting for some breakthrough and grieved when it happens. If this is the new flagship, then give us a unique design.

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Control playback with shaking, work with wireless stereo headset, a great find, a perfect copy & paste, work as a modem without additional software as with computers from Apple, and Windows-based and so on. Refinement of the system is constantly, every hour and every night. A rivet a whole range of heterogeneous devices in Apple does not hurry, apparently, understand one simple thing.

Finally iPhone 3Gs, if we talk about our country, was not in favor. Officially, the model we have not sold on the gray market is very expensive, and not understanding what to pay. In addition, through the efforts of people who persistently instilled a love for first-generation iPhone in various forums, this device has become a vulgar subject matter or for blondes, or for a certain character's fashion books.