When reading articles about the LG Arena in person I was most infuriated by constant comparison with the Apple iPhone.*I sincerely do not understand why compare something that can not be compared.*The U.S. unit on the market for a very long time about him have all been known, iPhone can not be called just any phone.*This is a huge community of users, tens of thousands of programs which are waiting for their customers, a kind of legend.*Even the banal new firmware causes a storm of emotions, passions, the sea all the leading mass media publications in the industry.I'm talking about iPhone OS 3.0, which can be called and the third version of the operating system, and you can just firmware.*

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But in general, has turned a curious device.*I would say that it can satisfy the interests of many social groups.*And, most interestingly, it is not similar to any apparatus LG, which I held in my hands.

So, look.*Why not take away from Arena, so it's a very nice amenity.*Firstly, the unit in the photos looks quite large in the life of it's small, neat, the size of a HTC Diamond.*Only adjusted for the fact that the Arena all such rounded, slim and beautiful.*Secondly, this "piece of iron."*In the podcast, saying that the iron phones always cause some excitement, about the Arena opinion exactly that.*Framing the display of the steel cap of steel, the bottom end, clear plastic (and the area next to the camera, too).