Pixy is a mobile brand NGM Unit with two interesting features: low weight, which net of the battery power does not go over 52 grams, and can also accommodate two SIM cards working simultaneously. In terms of connections and resource endowment, however, NGM Pixy is a decidedly low-end handsets.

Connections at rock bottom for the phone which is called Pixy, recently introduced in the market by the manufacturer NGM Mobile. In fact, this terminal, which also houses two different Sim Card, using only the two networks receive on the frequencies of GSM 900 and 1800 MHz, for both the phone cards that are installed.

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Compact, lightweight and variety of available colors are the aesthetic parameters of interest for the new basic cell NGM Pixy. A model that can be found on the market in five different color variations, including one reminiscent of the Gold, Silver and Black in addition to the original cocoa and more Purple.

NGM Pixy is a phone with a very poor memory, only 200 kb, but with the possibility of expanding itself through microSD cards. The external memory thus obtained is not supplied in any way. This mobile phone, whose main feature is the ability to simultaneously activate two SIM cards, has some resource deputy entertainment and leisure in particular with regard to one area of music and multimedia in general.