The HTC Magic boasts a very streamlined and neatly designed casing itís hard to say how, but HTC have actually managed to put together a stylish, yet exceedingly simplistic looking phone. Iíd even say it bears some resemblance to Googleís software solutions (such as mail or any other service), boasting a very self-effacing, and at the same time user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface.

The Magicís casing is made of glossy black plastic, although itís also got a white edition (the one that was showcased at this yearís MWC). While itís quite a grease-magnet, the phone does a great job hiding all fingerprints, so this isnít much of a shortcoming even.

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All in all, the HTC Magic is a mid-sized phone while itís bigger than most feature phones and smartphones, itís not as huge as most Windows Mobile based communicators.* The phoneís casing plays host to 7 hardware keys and a trackball: two volume controls, four-button navigation cluster and the menu key in the lower left corner. The HTC Magic is easy to operate with only one hand thatís when the curved bottom part comes in handy, as it puts the phoneís trackball within your thumbís reach.