The looks of the HTC Smart are very basic, unpretentious and without any decoration details. And that is a good thing. As you know, it is the Koreans that run the show these days. Samsung and LG are virtually flooding the market with inexpensive sensor phones. However, there is still some "Korean flavor" to those despite the company designers' attempts, and as such the HTC Smart can soothe your soul after some strange or even dubious designs the said producers use in their sensor phones.

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Almost entirely, the phone is coated in some matte, velvety plastic (soft-touch). The only exceptions are a black metal frame on the front panel and a chromium-plated frame on the device edges. This review has a separate section about the materials and build quality for a reason. Those two things make the HTC Smart superior to the majority of other inexpensive sensor phones out there.

Except for the screen, the HTC Smart won't get dirty easily; but even there, the smudges and finger prints are visible at a particular angle and under specific light conditions only.