Exterior is the strong point of HTC Wildfire. It does not only resemble the flagship HTC Desire, which is a no mean feat, but uses similar materials. It is pleasant to have the glass protected screen and high quality plastic and metal in this inexpensive model.

The major part of the front is taken by the screen. Its surface is protected by the glass (which is special plastic you cannot scratch by coins, keys, etc.). The edge around the screen reaching the sides of the body and the top of the smartphone are made of metal.

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Several body colors are available for HTC Wildfire. Plastic and metal edge has different colors. They can be grey as in the reviewed sample or black, white and red.

Now I will add several words about the ability of the body to get soiled. The battery cover and sides stay clean so even if there are some fingerprints or traces there you will hardly notice anything. The screen surface gets dirty easier, but it is not critical. You can see any traces only if you look at the screen from a particular angle in an appropriate illumination.