Lovers spy movies will finally be able to take action. The first watch phone is available from August 6, at Orange. The GD910 was presented at the last CES in Las Vegas . Far from being a simple gimmick, this watch has many assets to substitute effectively for a mobile. Unfortunately, the prohibitive price of this luxurious high-tech accessory may cool in more than one.

Compatible with 3G and 3.5G, the watch phone is quad-GD910 and is characterized by the integration of a high resolution touch screen of 3.6 inches diagonally. In the opinion of the Korean automaker, very responsive and very readable, this screen is completely controllable finger. Through a Bluetooth connection type, the user is not obliged to whisper in the ear of his amazing band. A handsfree kit audio (headset or wireless stereo headphones), he will converse as with any mobile phone.

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LG has used the best designers to design this model, which means exceptional. Fashioned by hand, the GD910 is composed of materials (steel, glass) and integrates advanced technologies for recognition and speech synthesis. The watch is also equipped with multimedia features like an MP3 player, a speakerphone, and even a small camera, designed to connect video chat and also serves VGA Camera.