This is only a preliminary review as the Acer Stream we’ve received for testing is an early engineering prototype where some things are running slowly while others work incorrectly or even absolutely “wrong”.

To begin with, let’s see how it happened that Acer became interested in the Android platform and why the Stream’s release was delayed while the competitors (HTC Desire and Google Nexus One) are already commercially available. In olden times (about 4 years ago), Acer was making Windows Mobile-based PDAs; however, they entered the market when the very idea of “PDAs” was already being gradually replaced by Windows Mobile-based communicators and smartphones.

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Things were changing quickly: back in 2008, Acer bought E-Ten. After that, they tried to get rooted in the European WM market; particularly, there were plans to expand the sales of models for operators (that’s what E-Ten used to have problems with and what prevented the company from occupying a more or less significant segment of the European WM market).