HTC appreciated the following garnered by the P3300 and in many ways have replicated its design in the P3470 even the layout of controls is pretty much identical. In this sense, the P3470 is a thorough overhaul of the P3300, despite not breaking the succession line design-wise. The newcomer enjoys a more no-nonsense design with no ornamental insets and an all-black color scheme.

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The streamlined shape of the P3470 feels good in the hand, with both ends and spines smoothly flowing into the back cover, just like in the more entry-level HTC P3400.

As far as tactile feel and ergonomics are concerned, the P3470ís pool of materials is great. The front fascia utilizes slightly rough black plastic with a barely noticeable silver coating that has no propensity to collect fingerprints or expose skin-deep scratches.

Despite adopting a lot of features from the touchphone series, the P3470ís display is recessed into the casing, which is quite strange, since some applications get fiddly to handle with fingers this way, and it wasnít a rare occasion when we were forced to pull out the stylus to move about the communicator.