LG Electronics has been practicing the policy when potential have no idea of index of an upcoming model, but its affiliation with Black Label series. And the first model coming from Black Label line-up to appear on the European (May, 3rd) and CIS markets (May, 8th and 12th) was a slider. The handset stands out for its fancy design with touch keypad and feature pack.

The numeric buttons are laid out very close to each other, yet this doesn’t bring impediments to working with them. Each pad is slightly bulging and has its own texture, so their composition is something chessboard-looking.

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The rear of sliding half holds the camera module, as well as a tiny mirror and LED flash. On closer examination of the spring mechanism, it turns out to be somewhat different from that found on LG M6100 and most likely should be less exposed to getting soiled.

Also, having touch buttons on your phone, you can forget about accidental presses, which frequently happen when carrying the phone in skin-tight cloths, right away. Key lock may be set up to ignore any presses even those of side buttons, when the handset is closed. The keypad gets blocked once the sliding half has covered it, so after that there are two ways of removing the lock – by unspringing the phone or double pressing the side-mounted rocker key. This means the handset remains operational even when closed.