LG Optimus Pad was revealed at the Changeful World Word, held at Metropolis this twelvemonth. It is the prime tablet in the industry with the power to modification 3D videos. It is being referred to as the non-US writing of the T Mobile G slate. The LG Optimus Pad uses Golem 3.0 Honeycomb. This is the most innovative humanoid field free for tablets. The human port is the optimum easy and makes for a really unequaled and enriching experience.

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You mortal the option of customizing your homescreen notwithstanding you require it, you can do a great slew of late multitasking etc. It has got a real powerful media susceptibility and graphics. The new keyboard is rolled to gratify users some author. This is because it has been designed for easier text entry and with new keys specified as the tab key. The group bar has menus which furnish you the alternative of adding characters not included in the keyboard and also shift to air mode. Media Travel prescript is fully shapely into the LG Optimus Pad and so you can directly person push from your tab to any separate machine or camera, with the mend assistance of a USB fabric.

LG Optimus Pad runs on NVIDIA Tegra 2 of 1 GHz. One of its primary features is a duple set CPU which enables faster reading, quicker responses etc. The use of NVIDIA Tegra 2 also agency that users module live a rattling engaging 3D interface. Another highlight of the LG Optimus Pad is the display sieve. The 8.9 inch pad makes viewing soothing and pleasurable. The lightweight LG Optimus Pad weighs around 630 grams. It has a 1280 X 768 WXGA tone determination. Alongside this, it has an feature ratio of 15 to 9. It has a high definition playback of 1080p. It is a multi-touch concealment. It has also got a closeness device and a featherweight device.