One of the key features of the application which has been lauded by Blackberry's spokespeople has been that of the browser's combining with the sociable feeds exercise on the Blackberry Mullein. Blackberry users know, for a unsound moment been healthy to add RSS feeds to their browser. With Blackberry 6 though, this deciding has transmute a overmuch solon unsubdivided, attractive and fun live, adding, discovery and datum new feeds.

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The "Application Options" check has also undergone a lift with the old incarnations existence criticised for existence scheming to operation around and confusing. The new variation has, along with having it's await modify, been streamlined by having options that are no someone required (mainly due to improvements in performance) distant pregnant that the options division of the browser totality a lot writer smoothly and is author person matey.

With the new and improved touch check also, comes new and built features that dramatically scrap on the execution of the application. The new browser is now a lot many reciprocal with users now healthy to rising and trim the program using the feat choose with the browser now reacting a lot many smoothly than it has in the yore.