Almost everyone is engaged with each added nowadays via Facebook, so HTC came up with a colourful design to change a voguish sound which has a sacred Facabook fasten..thusly HTC chaCha was conceived. From the surface, the HTC ChaCha looks totally different from the late launched HTC touchscreen phones and looks more same a Blackberry sound, just a Qwerty keyboard and a relatively miniscule landscape sift.

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For those would love tweeting and texting, this phone is an superior buy. This phone lives up with our expectations to change speedy typing because the buttons were nicely distributed and little unerect to typing mistakes. The devoted Facebook secure, settled low the keyboard provides straightaway operation to the phone's sociable networking app. Erst you participate the facebook app, you are able to update your Facebook status, sound and select photos to acquire online.

At the point, the iPhone and Golem apps for Facebook are not so person congenial, so we're expecting this phone to compound our ethnical interaction. Still, this is not the only "Facebook Phone" in the activity parcel now as INQ Darken Q, other touchscreen sound with a Qwerty keyboard could devote buckram rivalry in this collection.

Also the Facebook functions, this phone mechanism just suchlike any new Humanoid smartphone. Gushing on Golem 2.3.3, this phone takes vantage of the large action of apps from the Humanoid Industry. You are competent to download and pose games, widgets, programs on your phone, mostly addressable for unbound. You're also healthy to modify the widgets in your sound according to your predisposition, sanctioning you to do everything much as viewing your photos to update your Facebook position without weight an app.