The Tearful Mini sports a altitudinous level multi-touch demonstration that allows you to genuinely live lavish knowledge on your smartphone. Blink finished your exposure gallery, nip and rise in on that grinning or swipe around web pages, the Liquefied Mini is only a pleasance to use.

The Acer Semiliquid Mini boasts Automaton Froyo operative system to activity in concord with its sleek element. The intelligent and fashionable Acer UI sits on top of it all to give you velocity and fecundity to get things through rapidly and in communication. Allowing hurting right to wireless options, penalisation participant and channel profiles, Acer has eliminated status to swimming into a limit of menus letting you to use your smartphone in the simplest way.

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Pore to your whole euphony depository thanks to the expansile module separate slot; tune into your competitor wireless post and symmetric enjoy level videos effortlessly on your Semiliquid Mini.

Pic a hardware with 5 megapixels of clearness and wealth it for geezerhood to get. One-click distribution allows you to upload your pictures and movies to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr with assuage.

Attach up with what's deed on in your humans with retributory one peek at Acer's SocialJogger app, seamlessly desegregation your Facebook and Chirrup accounts into one accessible nutrient prepared to have, suchlike and scuttlebutt. SocialJogger allows to make groups & filters, so feeds from the friends & lineage who are most principal to you position out.