The design is LG succeeded in Optimus good speed.*The color mix of black on the front, the light brown sold under the darker brown back and makes an elegant impression.*As you can see sometimes even hide the fact that the framework might look like anodized aluminum, but actually consists of simple plastic.*Only the narrow strips are made with Google engraving on the back and the delicate speaker Gratings of metal

A reference to the designer to detail the LG is the glass cover of the display.*It is limited to the last millimeter of both sides very slightly rounded that you can see it, but it feels good to have when operating with the thumb would reach the edge.*The camera on the back is slightly turned out of the case, but that does not interfere further.*LG because the transition between the lens and the remaining battery cover has soft rounded, there are no sharp edges.*Remains one does not also depend on the optics, if one pushes the device in your pocket.

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The processing is nearly perfect.*Gaps are hardly seen and been very evenly, imperfect fit there either.*The few buttons Volume control and power button are perfectly finished and have optimum pressure point and key travel.*Bomber plastic or not much better you can not build a cell phone.*Despite the slight material, but it weighs 147 grams In everyday life, the weight will fall not to, because with the gentle curves and soft-touch surface of the battery cover, the Optimus Speed ​​is very comfortable to hold.