After the prosperous move of digit port handsets in India Wynncom is now set to tempt the consumers with Bharat's no. Sanskrit QWERTY keyboard sound Wynncom Y45 which facilitates a tech savvy urbanized younker to chitchat in our Somebody module.Wynncom has travel up with yet other product creativity; this second the reserves has devised a new content to pretend texting in Hindi feasible by introducing a Hindi Qwerty keyboard phone. This makes it easier for a mortal to tie especially in the Worker II and Worker III towns where one can impart oneself in Sanskrit without any language restrictions.On the opportunity of the get, Arvind Vohra, Co-Founder and Managing Administrator, Wynn Medium Ltd said, "With our ngo to furnish something new and transplantable sound for those who are sensing for Sanskrit keyboard on a QWERTY sound at cheap value."